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Makurazaki City, Kagoshima Prefecture

Makurazaki City, a major producer of bonito flakes

Dashi-Professional Academy's new project "National Local Dashi Tour". Each region has its own unique food culture, and each region has its own unique dashi culture. Therefore, in this project, we will take up one area each time and introduce the local soup stock. We will also make it possible for you to purchase the products introduced here.

Well, the first time is Makurazaki City, Kagoshima Prefecture. Speaking of Makurazaki, it is very famous as Japan's largest production area of dried bonito. When you enter the town, the whole town is wrapped in the good smell of smoked bonito.

In Japan, Makurazaki City, Ibusuki City in Kagoshima Prefecture, and Yaizu City in Shizuoka Prefecture are famous for dried bonito. For Japanese people, “Katsuo dashi” is too major. The goodness of dried bonito is its taste and aroma.

Good quality fish meat is boiled and then smoked to create a fragrant aroma. Then, some of the bonito flakes are mold-cured and aged to decompose the fat content and become hon-karebushi, which has a richer aroma and more condensed umami.

Hon-karebushi is a high-class product, so it is a little difficult to use on a daily basis.

However, it is Hon-karebushi that you should try at least once.


Nakahara Suisan delivers a wide variety of dried bonito products from Makurazaki

This time, I would like to introduce Mr. Nakahara Suisan from Makurazaki City, who is also a corporate member of the Dashi Professional Academy. Mr. Nakahara, president of Nakahara Suisan, calls himself "Dashi Man" (Mr. Dashi) and aims to popularize bonito flakes and dashi soup. It has become so popular that people come to take classes from Mr. Nakahara.

​At the Dashi Professional Academy, we requested Mr. Nakahara to make an assortment of Katsuobushi products that are typical of Makurazaki.


Shinji Nakahara 

Nakahara Suisan Co., Ltd. Representative Director (3rd generation).

Born in Makurazaki City, Kagoshima Prefecture, the largest producer of bonito flakes in Japan.
After graduating from high school, he returned to Kagoshima in 2008 after working at a university and a company in Tokyo.

In 2011, the family business, Katsuobushiya (Nakahara Suisan), launched a new brand called “Katsuichi”, and developed processed products such as “Katsuo Senbei”, which is kneaded with long-aged dried bonito, and dashi packs. Start selling.
In addition, we are focusing on regional revitalization through "odashi", such as holding classes on how to draw bonito dashi in Makurazaki, all over Japan and around the world, and launching the "Dashi Kingdom Kagoshima Project" with a private company in Kagoshima. there is


This time, we have prepared a special assortment set for Dashi Professional Academy.

``Chabushi'' that soaks into your tired body

“Chabushi” is a famous way of eating dried bonito that is unique to Makurazaki. This is a mixture of barley miso and bonito flakes, green tea is added, dissolved, and all the bonito flakes are eaten without filtering. It is drunk when you are tired, during and after illness, or when you have a hangover. First of all, products that are easily subdivided into single servings of traditional local foods are included.


A bag of green tea powder kneaded into miso and a mini pack of Honkarebushi bonito flakes are included in the set. Just put it in a bowl and pour hot water over it. I was able to do it without any tricks. This is convenient.

Let's taste it.

The astringency and umami of green tea combine with the sweetness and umami of barley miso to create a unique balance. While enjoying the umami and aroma of dried bonito, you can also eat the dried bonito itself.

​It felt like a complete bowl without any ingredients. This will permeate your body. Kagoshima is also famous for the production of Chiran tea, so I thought it would be a unique way to have it.

Fresh pack of fragrant Honkarebushi

The next product is a fresh pack using Honkarebushi. Most of the fresh packs sold at supermarkets are arabushi. Honkarebushi is a dried bonito that has been moldy and matured_22200000-0000-0000-0000-000000000222. Because it is a handy pack, you can enjoy the full-fledged taste.


This time, I tried cold tofu. When I tried pouring soy sauce over it, the elegant aroma of Honkarebushi spread throughout my mouth, and I was able to enjoy a very luxurious and satisfying dish. It comes in 8 bags, so you can enjoy various dishes.

A quick sprinkle of dried powder

Next is Hon-karebushi powder! Since it is powdered, it seems easy to use for anything. Above all, it is rare to find this dry powder. Let's try it now. This time I tried fried rice.


A simple egg fried rice with Honboshi powder and seasoned with salt, pepper and soy sauce. When stir-frying, I added a spoonful of this dry powder, and poured it over the finished fried rice.

​When Katsuobushi is added, the aroma is very good, and the umami is added, so there was no need to add extra seasoning. This is easy and delicious. Since it can add umami quickly, I wanted to put it on the dining table permanently and sprinkle it on various dishes.

Powdered dashi that does not require dashi

​It is quite difficult to get the stock right every day. On the other hand, this powdered dashi is recommended when you want to use granules. The bonito and kombu are powdered, and just by adding it to miso soup, you can get the dashi without filtering.


I tried the soup immediately. The powder will accumulate on the bottom of the pot, but it doesn't taste bad, so you can eat the whole powder. Kill two birds with one stone with increased nutritional value. It's a convenient item for busy days. A delicious miso soup is ready. It's nice to be able to shorten the cooking time.

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Nationwide Local Dashi Tour Makurazaki Edition

​Nakahara Fisheries Special Set​​  (with cooking video)


(Body price 2900 yen​+Tax and shipping included)

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