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What is Dashi Professional?

Dashi sommelier is a private qualification given to those who have taken a course and passed an exam.

We train specialists who know "dashi" and can utilize it in "cooking", "product development" and "menu development". In addition, we value the local cuisine and food culture of various parts of Japan, and aim to develop human resources who can spread the local food culture, starting with dashi.

Furthermore, by learning about world cuisine, history, and dashi, we aim to reconfirm the appeal of Japanese food culture and develop human resources who can talk about "dashi," "food culture," and "cooking" from any angle.


the goal

1. Foster people who know the taste of "natural dashi" and "ingredients" and have a sense of how to use them in cooking!
2. Produce people who can use the name of "Dashi Professional" and make use of it in the field they are active in!
3. Use dashi as a trigger to nurture people who can spread the word about local cuisine and food culture!

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