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What is a dashi sommelier member?

As a Dashi Sommelier member, you can participate in various contents and projects that will keep you learning about Dashi. You can also receive benefits unique to members, such as bargain goods sales and advance reservations. If you call yourself a dashi sommelier for work or personal activities, you need to register as a member.

​member rank

You can freely choose the rank you want to join. Benefits are different depending on rank

support member

​ Anyone can become a support member regardless of whether they have a dashi sommelier qualification. You can watch archived videos of various online courses held in the past as much as you want, and you can also participate in exchange meetings, original goods and discount sales of Dashi Sommelier Academy.

gold member

Gold membership is a rank for those who call themselves "dashi sommelier". Those who have acquired Level 3 or higher in the past can become members. If you want to add value as a dashi sommelier to your own work and activities, please join here. In addition to the benefits of support members, there are benefits such as participation in production site inspection tours and business study sessions.

Certified instructor

Certified instructors are in a position to spread the appeal of dashi. In addition to being able to hold a Dashi Sommelier Class 3 course by yourself, you can also work under the title of "Certified Instructor", so you can add even more value as a Dashi specialist.

Dashi Sommelier Academy also has a membership system for corporations. If you become a corporate member, there are various benefits such as appealing your company's products to a network of 4,000 Dashi Sommeliers, helping with branding and sales promotion, and offering discounts on courses for employees. For more information, please contact the Barefoot Sommelier Academy

* To become a corporate member, there is a prescribed examination of this academy.

Corporate membership system

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