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Message from the President


When I heard "dashi",

What comes to your mind?

Dashi can be made not only from dried foods such as kelp and bonito flakes, but also from meat, vegetables, seafood, and any other ingredients.

In addition to the dashi that is prepared with great effort, there is also “natural dashi” that comes from the cooking process.

At the Dashi Sommelier Academy, from various angles about "Dashi"

We have prepared a comprehensive curriculum.

What       What kind of food do you like?

Where     Where can I get the material? Which country's cuisine is it used in?



How       How can materials be made?


Dashi expert = Dashi professional,

cherish the word


We will continue to walk.

Dashi Professional Academy

Mai Ukai

Chizuyo Oshima


Mai Ukai

ukai mai

Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Economics

Engaged in sales, management planning, and marketing at a foreign-affiliated IT-related company. After that, after returning from childcare leave, I will retire in 2021. Currently, while serving as the representative director and vice president of Bonito Co., Ltd., a company that manufactures and sells dashi-related products, which is a family business, he is also the co-representative of the dashi professional academy.


Chizuyo Oshima

oshima chizuyo

Graduated from Ritsumeikan University College of Social Sciences Development and Welfare Course
During his time as a secretary to a doctor who was researching the relationship between food and blood, he became interested in dashi under the influence of a doctor who led a diet that included dashi. After giving birth, she quit her job and started working part-time at a cooking class. I want to convey the easy "dashi life" to many people, and I'm still here.


Dashi professional supervision

Maki Ukai

ukai maki

Graduated from Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University

Born in a dried bonito wholesaler in Nagoya. Founder of Dashi Professional. Around 2011, while promoting information about dashi by calling himself a dashi professional, his activities came to be in the spotlight, and he became independent as a qualification course. I have established a corporation and acted as a representative so that many people can call themselves and act. Currently, I am in the position of supervising and providing management advice.

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