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・ 40g of dry powder

A powder type product that uses 100% elite bonito bonito "Honkarebushi" that has been aged for a long time in Makurazaki. Simply add it to your food and it will bring out the flavor and aroma even more.

・40g dried bonito and kombu dashi powder

Powdered dashi made using only bonito flakes produced in Makurazaki and kelp from Hokkaido

・ This withered flower (2g x 8 pieces included)

: Thin shavings pack using long-aged Honkarebushi

・Two servings of Umami Chabushi (Honkarebushi): You can easily enjoy the traditional food loved mainly in the Nansatsu region (southern part of the Satsuma Peninsula, Kagoshima Prefecture).



In principle, it takes 3 to 5 business days from the date of order until shipment.
If it is out of stock and it takes more days, we will contact you by email.

Thank you for your patience.




Nakahara Suisan Co., Ltd.

74-1 Higashihonmachi, Makurazaki City, Kagoshima Prefecture
TEL: 0993-72-2211 (representative)

Local dashi soup series with cooking video - Makurazaki edition (Nakahara Suisan) - Makurazaki dried bonito enjoyment set

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