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Dashi Professional Training Course

What is a dashi professional?

We train specialists who know "dashi" and can utilize it in "cooking", "product development" and "menu development". In addition, it is a private qualification that aims to develop human resources who value the local cuisine and food culture of various parts of Japan and can spread the food culture of the region, starting with "dashi".



​​Introduction of each class



[Dashi Professional 3rd grade]

Learn the basics of dashi, the foundation of umami and Japanese cuisine.

Learn about the synergistic effect of umami and dashi made from dried foods such as kelp, dried sardines, and bonito flakes. It's a 3 hour course. After completing the course, you will receive a 3rd grade certificate.

Details & Application

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This is a two-day intensive course given by specialists in each material. You can enroll by applying as a set with the 3rd class. After the final lecture, you will be required to submit a report and receive a certificate of completion.


[Dashi Professional 1st class]

You will learn how to use Japanese, Chinese, and Western cuisine professionals' dashi and how to use it in cooking.

From a first-class chef One of the attractions is learning with all five senses, from how to make dashi stock to how it develops into cooking. This is a two-day intensive course. After the lecture, you will have to submit practical assignments and take an online exam. A certificate of completion will be given to those who meet certain criteria. 3rd and 2nd grade set application OK

Set application is profitable

If you want to fully enjoy Dashi Professional, you must take Level 2 or above!

Correspondence education introduction


There is also a correspondence course with materials sent that you can study at home at any time.

See the dashi ingredients with your own eyes and feel the amount of water. Let's try the ingredients as well.

[Flow of dashi Professional distance learning]


Within 2 days after purchase (excluding holidays)

(2) Information on viewing by email from the secretariat
(This format is for viewing by accessing the URL from a smartphone, etc.)

Within 7 days after purchase (excluding holidays)

③ Text arrival
(The 3rd grade will contact you with data along with the viewing guide) 

④ Watch

Within 10 days after purchase (excluding holidays)

⑤ Material arrival
(The 1st grade arrives around the 10th of the month following the month of purchase)

⑥Look at the attached explanation document, and make soup stock and tasting

⑦ Online assignment submission
(For Grade 1, there is an online exam on the specified date + submission of practice assignments)  

Within 10 days after submission of the assignment (excluding holidays)

⑧ Issuance of completion certificate (data version)
(Those who have passed the practical training assignment + exam for the 1st grade)

Contact Us

LLC Dashi Sommelier Academy
2-2-2-404 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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