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​Membership Agreement

Dashi Professional Academy Individual Membership Rules 

Article 1 This association shall be called Dashi Professional Academy.

(Office) 2-2-2-404 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 
Article 2 The administrative office of the Association shall be placed above.

Article 3 The Society shall be established on January 1, 2023, with the aim of passing on the culture of dashi through the popularization of dashi and activities (projects) related to dashi.

(type of activity/business)
Article 4 In order to achieve the purpose set forth in the preceding article, the Association conducts Dashi Sommelier training courses and Dashi promotion activities, and implements the following projects.
(1) Dashi Professional Training Course Level 3, Level 2, Level 1
(2) Other lectures on the theme of dashi
(3) Other activities necessary to achieve the purpose

Article 5 The Society shall consist of the following three types of members who agree with the purpose of the Society and join.
(1) Supporting members: It does not matter whether or not you have taken a dashi professional training course.
(2) Gold members must take at least one dashi professional training course. By the end of the course, you can call yourself a “dashi professional”.
(3) Certified Instructor Member Must attend the Dashi Professional Academy-Certified Instructor Training Course and conclude a separate contract. Create rules and bylaws

Article 6 If you want to join as a member, register for membership from the designated URL.  

(membership fee)
Article 7 1. Members must pay the membership fee specified below.
(1) Support member 6,000 yen/year including tax
(2) Gold member 10,000 yen/year   tax included
(3) Certified instructor member (2nd year transition) 12,000 yen/year including tax

 2. The annual membership fee shall be for one year from the date of membership registration, and the membership fee once paid shall not be refunded for any reason, including the case of withdrawal in the middle of the period.

Article 8 1.Members can withdraw from membership by registering for withdrawal from the designated URL one month before the desired date of withdrawal.
2. A member shall be deemed to have withdrawn from membership if any of the following apply.
(1) When the person dies.
(2) When the membership fee is not paid for three months or more.

(Loss of Membership)
Article 9 The management office may lose membership in the following cases or if it determines that it is inappropriate for a member.  
1. When a support member calls himself a "dashi professional".
2. When a Support Member or Gold Member pretends to be a "Certified Lecturer".
3. In the event that, despite being an Individual Member, the Member uses the corporate status to sell products or engage in other business activities using the name of "Dashi Professional" or the like.

Article 10 The Management Office may, as necessary, change these Bylaws as necessary without obtaining the prior consent of the members.  

Supplementary provision
1 This constitution shall come into effect from January 1, 2023.

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