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Makurazaki City, Kagoshima Prefecture

Makurazaki City, a major producer of bonito flakes

Dashi-Professional Academy's new project "National Local Dashi Tour". Each region has its own unique food culture, and each region has its own unique dashi culture. Therefore, in this project, we will take up one area each time and introduce the local soup stock. We will also make it possible for you to purchase the products introduced here.

Well, the first time is Makurazaki City, Kagoshima Prefecture. Speaking of Makurazaki, it is very famous as Japan's largest production area of dried bonito. When you enter the town, the whole town is wrapped in the good smell of smoked bonito.

In Japan, Makurazaki City, Ibusuki City in Kagoshima Prefecture, and Yaizu City in Shizuoka Prefecture are famous for dried bonito. For Japanese people, “Katsuo dashi” is too major. The goodness of dried bonito is its taste and aroma.

Good quality fish meat is boiled and then smoked to create a fragrant aroma. Then, some of the bonito flakes are mold-cured and aged to decompose the fat content and become hon-karebushi, which has a richer aroma and more condensed umami.

Hon-karebushi is a high-class product, so it is a little difficult to use on a daily basis.

However, it is Hon-karebushi that you should try at least once.

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This time, we have prepared a special assortment set for Dashi Professional Academy.





``Chabushi'' that soaks into your tired body


“Chabushi” is a famous way of eating dried bonito that is unique to Makurazaki. This is a mixture of barley miso and bonito flakes, green tea is added, dissolved, and all the bonito flakes are eaten without filtering. It is drunk when you are tired, during and after illness, or when you have a hangover. First of all, products that are easily subdivided into single servings of traditional local foods are included.



・きしめん 250g×2袋 



販売者 株式会社ボニト  (土日祝 休)




Nationwide Local Dashi Tour Makurazaki Edition

​Nakahara Fisheries Special Set​​  (with cooking video)


(Body price 2900 yen​+Tax and shipping included)

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